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Buyer & Seller of Diamonds
GoldMar buys and sells diamonds dealing in the world's finest collections of stones. Our dealings cover an exclusive range of diamonds, which are highly demanded by individuals, jewelers and global companies from different parts of the world.
Diamonds and jewelry Appraisal
GoldMar offers expert appraisal services, where our professional team offers studied opinions as to the authenticity, quality, design and value of diamonds or pieces of jewelry.
Estate jewelry Buyer
GoldMar posses Estate jewelry expertise that positions us as one of the most valued buyers. We have an extensive list of customers and our estate jewelry, carries a fine collection of exquisitely beautiful pieces. As a buyer we offer unbeatable prices to vendors and sellers and use our wide network to access unique pieces of jewelry sought after by connoisseurs of the craft.
Personal Consultations & Unbeatable Prices
We offer personal consultations, to clients who need to choose the perfect assortment of stones to support the perfect occasion while guiding them towards making their selections, within their budgets. Our consultations also guide both buyers and sellers, helping them to evaluate their decisions in light of expert advice.
Diamond & jewelry Education
GoldMar offers one on one service to clients who require guidance and understanding of out timeless craft. Our experts will help you understand the complex world of genuine stones. They will guide you to learn the significance of color and clarity and explain the benefit of buying a quality cut.
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